When making your custom handmade belt buckles, you have complete control of the design. There is no limit to your imagination. Here is a great place to start –

1 – What are the elements you are wanting to incorporate on the custom buckle – for example – do you need a logo and if so, which will be the best suited? Alternatively, can images and text convey your message adequately?

2 – Design Shape? Are you wanting oval, rectangular, circular, square or a custom shape? As none of our products are made from a generic template, your options are endless and can be as unique as you like.

3 – Graphics/Images – Pewter is a very malleable alloy which allows the design to be highly detailed. What image or graphic would you like to incorporate in the design?

4 – Finish – Are you wanting a super shiny finish or more of a brushed antique look? A greater number of flat elements on the design allows us to highlight more of the custom belt buckle.

5 – Text – What text would you like to incorporate on the buckle? Text usually runs around the outside edges, however there are multiple designs that buck this trend. How creative can you be?

6 – Lets piece it all together – Once you have planned the above elements, you are going to have a pretty slick design which we can not wait to make for you 🙂