Australian handmade custom belt buckles are the perfect gift to give to an employee to celebrate many occasions. Such occasions include safety awards, service achievements or simply a thank you for being a great employee. There are many options on what alloy your custom belt buckle can be made from –

Silver – Silver is the premium alloy for creating belt buckles as it allows you to cast with detail. A premium product comes with a premium cost, so your budget will play a factor here.

Zinc – Zinc is the cheapest option. It is a very light alloy and multiple finishes are available. It is not as malleable as Pewter so is suited to the more simple 2D designs.

Pewter – Pewter is a very malleable alloy as the melting point is considerably lower than most alloys. This makes it perfect for complex 3D designs. It is also a very strong, durable metal so you can be sure that your buckle will last a life time. It also has more of a weighted feel compared to zinc. When the pewter is highlighted, it has a similar shine to silver but as it is only a semi-precious metal, it does not come with the same price tag as Silver.

Whatever alloy you choose for your custom belt buckles, understanding the pros and cons of each and how they will affect your buckle is important.

We currently use only high-quality modern pewter as we feel this is the best quality and long-lasting alloy you can use to create a masterpiece.